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 If you need the lowdown on Millionaire Dating Sites... or have ever wanted to find information on how to marry a millionaire... then you've come to the right place.

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Ever consider looking for love in the Fast Lane?  Have you occasionally thought about searching for romance among the Rich and Famous?... Are you a woman who yearns to marry a millionaire?... Or are you a rich guy looking for a hot babe?  Here are a couple of sites of interest.








 - Cut book expenses by half

















- They offer access to their "exclusive community of beautiful women and wealthy men" and claim to be "more than a dating service - a one-stop solution for finding romance, pen pals, new friends, and activity partners." - They offer "a high quality dating site for attractive single women and successful men who have financial security and confidence."

"Millionaire Dating Sites" are the newest Online Dating phenomenon. These sites claim to contain communities of "beautiful women and wealthy men" and to offer you the chance to meet up with them. 

Whether these sites will actually help you find a Sugardaddy or Sugarbabe remains to be seen..

Below we have assembled some helpful articles and advice on "Life In The Fast Lane."

How to get a Girl to like you - 5 Things That a Girl Wants in a Man

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Love Relationship: How Much Does Security Count?

Nicole Kidman recounts "How to Marry a Millionaire"

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How to get a Girl to like you - 5 Things That a Girl Wants in a Man

by Robert Edmonds

What will make a girl to like you? This is a question that most men find difficult to figure out. Well the list of things that attract a girl to man may be endless as it sorely depends on each individual tastes. However there are some things that are universal and that which any girl looks for in any man who is interested in them. Here I discuss 5 of the most common things that interest girls in any man.

1. The Material or the Possessions of a Man
No matter how this may be controversial, girls will most likely be interested in a man who has some means of taking care of them. Well the degree of how much is acceptable to a girl again depends on the individual girl. The extent of a girls want for a financially stable man could actually be a measure of distinguishing between a gold digger and the genuine ones.

The bottom line here is that as a man you should expect the woman to want you to prove you have at least enough to take care of her needs. Where else some girls may insist on you having just enough, others will only go for the wealthy and if there is someone else wealthier than you... well too bad.

2. The Mans Influence, Power and Status
Before we discuss this need, we need to understand that a girl's expectation of a man's status is influenced by their need to fell secure. A woman looks for that man that commands some if not absolute power among his peers, profession and life in general. The reason simply being that the more powerful the man the better they will be able to take care of her.

Nature has programmed the woman to secure the best possible mate in terms of strength, power, domination and all. Look at the animal kingdom for example, a female often chooses the most powerful male to mate with. Yes guys it's no different out here in man world. Luckily, as a man we don't have to physically fight off other males to win mating rights.

3. Reputation and Fame
While a man's reputation and fame plays a vital role in a girls desire to date you, it's not a universal trait. Its easier to actually say that being famous cuts the work you would have put trying to date a girl by half. Girls are attracted by fame like butterflies are to a lit bulb. My guess is that if someone is famous, it's easier for the girl to identify with that attribute.

That kind of explains why the football players in your high school seemed to attract all the girls to them. Especially the ones that had looks that could pass as good. Well since not all of us were or are football players in high school, girls don't necessarily insist on you being rich and famous. In any case not all of us can be famous and that's why fame is not ideally a prerequisite to a girl agreeing to date you. Phew!

4. A Man's Looks Count
Forget the tale of the beauty and the beast. Every girl is interested in a man's looks. The handsome ones get taken so fast that it's dazzling. It's important to know your strengths and weaknesses in your looks and try to do a thing or two. Since most men don't have a face to write much about, one needs to compensate with good glooming, nice clothing and generally being clean, suave and neat.

I have done this experiment and found that even I am attractive to women when I have worn my best thread. The occasional put purposed gaze you get on the street says enough about the importance of a man's outlook. It's important however not to over do it.

5. A Man's Personality
Most girls are attracted to men with a strong personality. Desireable personalities include being courteous, polite, firm yet sensitive and above all considerate. Most men however confuse having a personality with being headstrong and egotistic. Our biggest undoing is our ego. If a girl does not point it out early and agrees to date you, you can rest assured this will be recipe for disagreements later.

Some of the most desirable personalities that are crucial in the first weeks of attracting a girl include having a sense of humor, being creative, showing some intelligence and most importantly being romantic. Romance is an important personality trait that a girl especially looks for in any man. The more romantic the more adorable they are to the girl.


About the Author: Robert Edmonds is a dating counselor and expert with 3 books on dating in the market.

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
by Victor Epand

There is an old saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend. That still makes a lot of sense. Diamonds are the perfect gift for that special woman in your life. Nothing will light up a woman's face quicker than opening that jewelry box and finding a dazzling stone set in gold or platinum inside.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend because they are beautiful. Fiery, romantic diamonds light up a woman's finger and make her the center of attention. Everyone will look and comment on how large and beautiful it is. They will compliment the man that bought it for her as being a keeper. White diamonds are versatile to look beautiful with outfits of and shade and color.

Diamonds are forever. Everything you can buy will either die or fade over time. The beauty of a diamond is eternal. Diamonds are hard almost indestructible stones. It takes a diamond to cut a diamond. They will not break nor will the fade.

Diamonds are beautiful and precious. Real diamonds are rare, natural stones. Most diamonds that women love are the highest quality diamonds. Women look at the quality of diamond and only want the best.

Diamonds equal romance. When a man is proposing to his love with a diamond worth two months of his salary, it symbolizes the sacrifice he is willing to make for love. She will remember this sacrifice every time she sees that diamond on her finger.

Diamonds are also a symbol that a man can provide for his love in a very direct way. Today men do not go out and hunt for animals to feed the family; instead they go out and bring in the money to support the family. Women feel secured and loved when they are taken care of. Women often look to marry a rich man. This is a man who can provide for them financially over time. If a man can not afford to give her diamonds, then he can not provide for her daily needs and for any future children.

Women love diamonds because they are practical. A kiss will not pay the bills. A rose isn't going to pay for her rental. A diamond can be a life saver in a crisis. A single diamond can be sold for enough money to pay for bills when times get tough.

Diamonds are a girl's insurance policy. Diamonds are better than any regular insurance on paper. She can hold and see a diamond. She can wear them. They are a symbol that even when she gets old, and loses her beauty and attraction the diamonds would still be with her. A collection of diamond jewelry can assure a woman that if she were in dire need for cash, a piece of diamond jewelry could be sold, or pawned for much needed cash. Diamonds are a girl's solid insurance policy.

What are you waiting for? Buy your woman a diamond today. She will love you for it now and for years to come. It is a commitment and a statement of love that you have in your heart for her.

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Love Relationship: How Much Does Security Count?
by Charles Harmon

When we think of relationships between two people we usually think of a love relationship. Of course there are other types of relationships, but love relationships are what we'll concentrate on here.

It is possible to have both love and security in a love relationship, but to base a love relationship on mostly security reasons seems rather one-sided. There are many love relationships that have both love and security, but it's very unlikely they started out with one of the partners thinking mostly of the security aspect even before the relationship started.

Although I am guessing, most people marry because of love, or at least something  approximating love, in most English speaking countries. But it is not unusual to hear someone say something like "I'm going to find me a millionaire to marry" or "when I find a millionaire I'll get married" or "I want to marry someone who's wealthy". I think in most of those cases it's wishful thinking much more that actually meaning what they say.

Sometimes we want to get together with someone for reasons of financial security instead of it being a love relationship. When women likes a man for this reason it's called a sugar daddy or gold digger. Now those terms don't even sound like the makings of a love relationship, do they?

For men the phrase is about seeking a sugar momma. The daddy part often means it's an older man and someone in a protective role. Sugar momma is heard rarely, at least in the parts of the country that I lived and traveled to. This seems even more unlikely to be the makings of a love relationship.

While security feels good, and to many women it is a major factor to consider for a lifetime partner, it is not the same as love or a love relationship. Security is not the best reason to form a commitment with someone for life. The security might be great, but a love relationship based on that is not likely to have the emotions and other things that make for a lasting mutually enjoyable love relationship.

Are you looking for a love relationship where you are spoiled and pampered by someone? Are material possessions, fine dining and luxurious living the main reasons behind your quest for a love relationship? If so, what is the reasoning behind your motives? Those reasons sounds like the love part of a love relationship might have a minor role.

Remember, there is a price to pay if your love relationship is really based on security supplied by your partner only. The sugar momma or daddy may expect romantic favors. It's almost certain that they will. You could be their "trophy". They might assume you aren't able to be your own person and take advantage of that.

Although the enticement of gifts can be a nice treat, there is a cost involved. You need to weigh that cost if you're the "trophy". I would also assume receiving gifts all the time gets old, like anything else, and eventually gifts and other enticements will not be enough to keep most people together indefinitely. It sounds like that type of love relationship is doomed to failure.

If you spend some time thinking about the difference between love and security you will see that they are not the same. Its wise to give it a lot of serious thought before you make security the main basis of any love relationship. Look deeply at your choices before you get heavily involved with anyone based mostly or solely on security. After all, a love relationship implies love, and security and love are not truly related.

About the Author: Charles Harmon is a software developer. He creates websites and writes articles.

Nicole Kidman recounts "How to Marry a Millionaire"
by Barry Cooper

The film "How to Marry a Millionaire" debuted in 1953 and helped to catapult Marilyn Monroe to stardom. The film, in which Monroe portrays the ditzy, yet endearing Pola Debevoise, also hosted Hollywood greats Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable as three beautiful women who, after becoming frustrated with dating cheap men, move into a posh New York City penthouse and use their feminine wiles to try and snag wealthy bachelors to marry.

Millionaire takes all
Another Hollywood icon, namely Nicole Kidman, has purchased the rights to this film and is set to revamp "How to Marry a Millionaire" through her 20th Century Fox-based production company, Blossom Films. Sacha Gervasi, best known for writing "The Terminal" script for Steven Spielberg, has been commissioned to pen the screenplay, which is said to be a more modern-day, updated reinterpretation of the classic Monroe film. Most likely, the plot is not going to follow the original storyline too closely, and is still very much under wraps. There have been reports speculating on who could be cast alongside Kidman, or whether the remodeled version will even star three leading ladies. Nicole Kidman is rumored to be taking over Marilyn Monroe's role in the film.

Make me over
Kidman, a remake veteran, has already lent her thespian talents to a remake of "The Stepford Wives" originally released in 1975, "Bewitched", a remake of the supernatural sitcom, and "The Invasion", a loose reinterpretation of the 1956 science-fiction thriller "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." In both "The Stepford Wives" and "Bewitched", Kidman took the female characters to new lengths with regard to strong femininity and beguiling charm. Consequently, it is exciting to speculate as to just where Kidman would take Monroe's character, Pola. In "How to Marry a Millionaire", Pola is the slightly narcissistic and charmingly daft character amongst the bunch, and Kidman, having tread in somewhat more elevated waters, may choose to have Pola's intelligence quotient kicked up a few notches by having her read some Virginia Woolf as a nod to Kidman's Oscar-winning performance in "The Hours."

Battle of the Blonds
Nicole Kidman and the late Marilyn Monroe are remarkably similar; both are blond, beautiful bombshells that can charm the pants off almost any audience. Kidman, with her signature sultriness and classy demeanor, can most certainly turn more than a few heads, but can she compete with one of the most iconic and curvaceous coquettes of the 20th century? While Monroe was and still remains the epitome of a sex symbol, some say her acting chops are definitely no match for the Oscar-winning Kidman. Monroe may have had her experience with high-profile marriages, such as her unions with Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, but Kidman most definitely knows a thing or two about marrying millionaires, namely Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise and country crooner Keith Urban. Perhaps that is why Kidman initially signed on to the project; she just wanted to put all that knowledge to work.


Millionaire Mate