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No mater if you are recently divorced or have been single for sometime, if you find meeting single men or women to be difficult, we hope the articles we have assembled below will help get your life together.

Dating and Relationship Articles

Conquering a Woman's Heart

Having Sex or Making Love

7 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible

7 Things You Must Know About Women

How to Arouse Her Instantly

Exceed Your Limits with Women

The Art of Flirting

Are You Confusing Escape with Comfort, in your Relationship?

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Conquering a Woman's Heart

Caterina Christakos

Conquering a woman's heart is for many men more or less some kind of a minefield. Certainly, women contain every ingredient needed for making a Molotov Cocktail, and the key is to handle them gentle enough not to set them off.

Applying to animals and humans alike, instincts gave women the privilege of picking while men the "honor" of doing their best to convince them that they are the best choice possible. Although it might not seem such an easy job, it comes with our own nature. More than that, as the Bible says, women were created from and for men.

Don't let yourselves fooled by all those saying that they have the secrets needed to get any woman and become modern Don Juans. The only secret I can think of is being yourself. The rest is, believe it or not, pure and simple human psychology.

Just to give you an idea of how simple it can actually be, I'll just list a few of the things needed for the "big conquest". Before attempting anything, every man should keep in mind that the times when males stood up on a heap of dirt and showcased their powers are long gone. You don't have to prove her anything! Instead, make her want to discover your qualities.

  • PATIENCE. This is not a hit and run thing and showing some patience tells the woman that you could represent more than just a waste of time. Forcing a woman into something she does not want to do is a major mistake that will most likely cause irreparable damage to the relationship.
  • HUMOR. Aside the relaxed atmosphere they create, funny guys inspires optimism and positive attitude. After all, do you like a woman that always complains about something?
  • WITS. Without some activity in your brain she could take off before you know it. Nevertheless, a savant attitude will most likely make her feel bad and underestimated. Keep in mind that women fight for equality and never try to show her what an undiscovered genius you are. After a couple of minutes of relaxed, humorous and subtly witty chat she will figure you out by herself.
  • SENSITIVENESS. Despite some opinions, women DO like sensitive men. Nevertheless, there's a big difference between a sensitive man and a weak man. Let her feel that she can rely on you, that you're always on top of the situation but you can listen to her problems and maybe even help her out sometimes.
  • GOOD LOOKS. You don't have to be Brad Pitt to be considered good looking. What matters most is the way you let her understand that you take care of yourself. A clean and tidy person will most likely have a clean and tidy relationship.
  • PUNCTUALITY. Men are NEVER allowed to be late while women HAVE to show up a little late so the man knows she is still to be conquered. More than that, it is the woman's way of letting you know she was preparing herself to look her best for you. You should never come up with excuses for being late, even if they might be true. Any excuse is just as pathetic as the next one, so if you think you can't make it in time simply let her know with some time in advance.

The list could go on and on but the idea behind everything is the same: always be yourself, treat her as your equal and understand her as a human being and not as a good catch. Women always sense these things even if you don't say them out loud.

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach.
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Having Sex or Making Love
Caterina Christakos

Having sex or making love?

Actually, the difference between the two concepts is bigger than some of us would like it to be. And, as almost every time, women feel it the most. What is the difference? Well, love. Women need to be protected, looked after and loved as much in bed as in every day life.

Keep in mind that this is not just a legend used by women to manipulate men. The difference between having sex and making love, together with it's implications in a couple's sex life is what many men forget when sharing the bed-sheets with a woman.

Clearly, everything written so far will not apply to one-night-stands. In those cases it is all about a sexual intercourse between two people who only share their bodies.

After the bottom line has been drawn, most men feel good about themselves after a one-night- stand, without thinking about their sexual performance. Totally pleasing a woman from the very first time is no easy job as the only mystery she had disclosed
is her body.

Yet, most men are attracted to one-night-stands or, with other words, to having sex. The lack of commitment needed and the easy attaining of the main goal: feeling good, are just two reasons pleading in favor of having sex.

On the other hand there is so much more between a man and a woman making love. There are feelings and emotions, leading to a totally different connection between the two of them. More than that, for women, one of the most important things during sex is the environment. And this means everything from location to those few candles some like to place around the bed.

Let's take them in turn a little bit. If you want to leave her smiling and begging for a cigarette and some more there are some things you might like to take into consideration.

Trying dad's old car's rear suspension will make the car happier than her. The ideal location would certainly be a bed in a nice and cozy room with nothing interfering with the moment. Someone knocking on the door or even a ringing phone can have very undesirable effects. Some candle-like lights and easy-listening music in the background adds even more to the overall foreplay.

Explore every inch of her body and draw imaginary contours with your fingers and tongue, kiss her neck, breasts, belly and legs, all in a specific order surrounding the most important area and closing in at the same time. All this will increase the tension and when that moment comes both you and her will feel the difference.

Communication is essential for great results. Men must pay attention to the unspoken signs every woman gives them. Ignoring these signs will make women feel used. The old legend that says that when a woman says "no" she actually means "yes" is nothing more than a poor excuse so keep your ears open for her desires.

If all goes well, you might be given the supreme sexual command and that's "don't stop!" When you hear that, whatever you do, DON'T STOP!

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach. 
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7 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible

Caterina Christakos

The key to being irresistible to men is more about you and less about them.

It is about accentuating every one of your strengths both internally and externally and reveling in them. So before we show you how to flirt, tease and seduce, we are going to teach you how to pamper, indulge and revel in the delicious power of being a woman.

1) Before going out to socialize or even see the one that you are currently dating, take a few minutes to visualize what you want to happen. Picture in detail exactly who you want and what you want to happen between you. What qualities will your perfect lover have?

How will he look at you? How will he touch you? Add in as much detail as possible. Knowing what you want is the first step to having it.

2) Before seeing the man you are dating or stepping foot outside the door, take care with your appearance. Look in the mirror and identify all the things that you like about yourself. If you focus on the qualities that you like about yourself, you will have far more confidence in yourself than most women out there. That will show and give you an edge.

3) Accentuate those positive qualities. For example: If you have full shiny hair make the most of it. Let it flow down your shoulders. Play with it in front of the one you desire. Men have a fascination with hair.

If you have full pouty lips, apply liner around the edges then fill in with a deep gloss that accentuates your skin tone, then apply a lighter coat just in the center of your lips. This will give them even more sex appeal.

4) Play up your eyes. A lot of flirting is done with eye play. Look at him then look away. Use your eyes to tell him everything that you are feeling, everything that you would like to do to him.

5) Wear clothes that accentuate your assets. Hint at your curves without exposing them. Remember less is more. Incite his curiosity. Make him want to see more.

6) Wear a delicate scent. Apply your perfume twenty minutes before you go out the door. A woman's scent is enticing. Overpowering perfume, on the other hand, is a major turn off.

7) Take care of your whole body, not just your face. Most women wash their face daily and moisturize but what about the rest of you? Take care of your skin. Use a good sugar scrub on your body and follow with a rich moisturizer. If your body feels silky smooth, you will feel and act sexier. Plus the man of your dreams won't be able to resist caressing your smooth, silky soft skin.

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach.
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7 Things You Must Know About Women

Caterina Christakos

Most men find women mysterious and confusing. You find us difficult to figure out. It isn't your fault. It's not like anyone gave you a guide book on women in high school to study.

Here are some of the mysteries about women revealed:

1) Before you even get to the door most women wonder if you are Mister Right.

2) She is just as anxious as you are about your first date.

3) Women like your undivided attention. Pay attention to what she has to say and she will be more interested in hearing about you. Also keep your eyes on her. Eyeing any of the other women in the room is a definite way to make that first date your last.

4) After the first date women pretty much know if and when they will sleep with you.

5) Many women don't want to get married or at least not as early as they used to. Many women are staying single into their late thirties in favor of pursuing their own careers.

6) A woman can complain about her family all she wants but the second you criticize her family start packing your bags.

7) Asking a woman if you are the best she ever had is pointless. We will lie to avoid hurting your feelings. You will never know if you are the biggest, the best or last the longest.

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach. 
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How to Arouse Her Instantly

Caterina Christakos

Smooth pick up lines may have worked in 80s movies but most women today are a bit more savvy. There are much more subtle and effective ways to turn women on.

Eye contact is one of them. Pay attention to what she is saying and keep your eyes above her bust line. Breast ogling is not a turn on, unless she has just had them done and is asking you about them.

Touching is another way to show her you are interested but it has to be the right kind of touching. Running your thumb in little circles over the top of her hand or her palm can be highly arousing. Grabbing her ass is not.

Touch her as if she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen.

Caress her with the love that most guys give to their favorite vintage car or most dreamed of stereo component. Run your hands gently over her curves.

Put your passion into the kiss. Slow and seductive. Deep and hungry. Your kiss can be the date maker or breaker. Savor the taste of her. Drink her up without leaving her face all wet and drippy.

Women want to be wooed then taken.

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach.
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Millionaire Mate

Exceed Your Limits with Women

Caterina Christakos

The success of any encounter with a woman depends on a series of factors, but, undeniably, the most important one is the mental component. A mentally strong person is surrounded by a powerful charisma and will find the dating game a lot easier to play than an insecure person.

Now don’t get nervous. You don’t have to have nerves of steel to score with women. Instead you can learn how to use your nervousness to your advantage and transform it into the fuel needed on the "battlefield".

“Yeah right,“ you say. But what happens when your heart starts pumping like crazy and your voice and hands shake every time you approach a girl?

First of all you should know (know it AND believe it) that it is all in your mind. You are your own worst enemy telling yourself that you can't do it, that you're not good enough or that she would never be with someone like you. Instead of sabotaging yourself try to have a more positive attitude. It will make you seem more confident and therefore more attractive.

In order to be successful you have to project self confidence and strength. But how can you pose as a successful man when inside your head there is this voice that keeps telling you that you're actually a loser? Strength comes from within so there is where it all starts.

Imagine the successful completion of your objective before you approach a woman, or even head out the door. Know exactly what you want to achieve both short term and long term with women.

Set achievable goals.

Ex. I am coming home with one or more women’s phone numbers.

Ex. I am having sex with an attractive woman tonight.

Imagine the whole scenario. Picture the successful completion of your objective then work backwards.

What did you need to do to reach that objective?

Does it mean dressing a little differently?

Ex. If you work in construction all day, maybe you could dress just a bit nicer when you go out to meet women.

Maybe do a search online for great jokes or pick up lines? Women love men that make them laugh.

Plan on a different kind of club than you normally go to? If you are interested in an upscale girl, then the local pub may not provide what you are looking for.

Dating attractive, intelligent women takes planning.

Know what you want, create a strategy and go after her.

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach.
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The Art of Flirting
Caterina Christakos

Flirting is an art form that should be practiced. If you are not seeing someone right now then I suggest that you flirt with as many men as possible.

Don't do it with the hope of picking one up, although that may be a pleasant side affect. Think of it as practice until you meet the one that curls your toes and makes your heart flutter.

What does flirting entail?

  • Smile at the mail man.
  • Make small talk with your waiter.
  • Use your eyes to signal attraction to the men sitting at nearby tables.
  • Keep it light and fun.

Then when you perfect these little signs of affection, attention and out and out interest, use them on the one that you really want to attract. A woman who is confident in her charms is rare indeed. You will appear mysterious, sensuous and worldly.

About The Author: Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach.
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Are You Confusing Escape with Comfort, in your Relationship?
John Alanis

We're going to talk about some "advanced stuff" today, so I want you to pay careful attention. As you may or may not know, it is very important for a woman to feel a sense of security in a relationship, to feel protected when she's with a man. This is true no matter how powerful or successful she is, and comes back to what I call defining authority in a relationship.

A woman takes comfort in a man who defines authority in a relationship. She feels secure... and the two go hand in hand IF what you're providing is what I call "true comfort." See, way too many people confuse comfort with escape and the consequences can be dangerous. So what's the difference between the two?

Let's start with what "escape" means. Escape is really the illusion of comfort... a retreat into a false reality in an attempt to get away from "real reality." Unfortunately, the consequences of "real reality" still apply. An extreme example, of course, is the drug addict who spends all his time either high or trying to get that way, so he doesn't have to deal with reality. Of course reality always come crashing down, and the addict has to face the consequences of the decisions he made based on events in his illusion that in actuality apply to reality. Usually these consequences are not good... jail, termination of relationships, health problems, etc.

Now, don't get the idea I think escape is bad, because it's not, unless taken to the extreme, and mistaken for comfort in the relationship. I think escape is a fine thing IF you both recognize that's what you're doing. In fact, many "special friends" or "adventure partner" relationships are based purely on escape, and that's a great thing... as long as both people realize that and continue to make reality based decisions, not "illusion based" decisions. But, what often happens is one or both partners mistakes escape for comfort, and starts making decisions based on illusion, not reality. I think many long term relationships go bad for this reason. Can escape be part of a successful long term relationship? Sure, and it should be IF "true comfort" is present. "Special friends" or "adventure partners" can be based purely on escape, but if you want to have a successful long term relationship with a wonderful woman, you must be able to provide her true comfort IN ADDITION to escape.

So what is "true comfort?" True comfort comes from the creation of a different reality, the molding and changing of a current reality to create outcomes which lead to comfort and security. The old reality is changed, not "retreated from." With "escape" you're dealing with two versions of reality: reality itself and "illusion of reality." With comfort you're creating, changing, molding, and shaping your own reality. When you are aware of this distinction, and controlling the direction, your relationship improves on many levels.

True comfort in a relationship comes only from true strength. Only a truly strong man can create his own reality. And true strength comes from sound mind, true character, desire and the willingness to pay the price to create that comfort for her and for you. That means, learning, studying, reading and working on "reality creation"... developing the ability to create your own outcomes with attraction, with money, with your health and with your relationships. When you can do that, you will achieve fulfillment.

When she knows you can create a reality for her and you in these areas she will feel true comfort, even if she herself is already capable of creating these things for herself. Why would a "capable woman" settle for an "incapable man" who can provide only escape, not true comfort? The answer is, she won't, at least not for long. She may indulge herself in escape for a bit, but when the escape is over and it's time to get back to reality, she'll continue her search for the MAN who provides her with true comfort in the relationship she wants.

The lesson is this: if you feel you're ready for a long term relationship with a wonderful woman who makes every part of your day brighter, you must be strong enough to create true comfort for her. If not, you will only create escape, and your time with her will be momentary. Escape is great for some things, even as part of a long term relationship, but not as its foundation. When it's true comfort you're providing her she will stay with you until the end... and beyond.

About the Author: John Alanis, "The King of Let 'em Come to You", is author of the "Women Approach You" system at
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